Student credit cards allow students to make a purchase at the store without having to pay it first with their own money as well as build credit and establish some financial responsibility. You should get a student credit card if you have a part time job and can afford to make the monthly repayment on time. By using a credit card for shopping, you will be able to save money by earning cash back. The following are the top three student credit cards that college students can apply for this Fall. 1. Capital One Journey Student credit card Capital One Journey Student credit card allowsRead More →

Small businesses should charge their expenses onto a credit card so that they can earn some cash back on their yearly expenditure. Getting a business credit card is the best option because it can separate your business expenses from your personal expenses. Many of the business credit cards in the market offer great rewards program and signup bonuses. Business credit card is ideal for small businesses earning annual revenue of less than millions. The following are the top 4 business credit cards for small businesses. 1. Capital One Spark Cash For Business Capital One Spark Cash for Business provides is a flat rate card thatRead More →

Learn more about business credit cards and small business financing offers. We help to identify the ideal credit card to carry in your wallet if you are a small business owner. American Express OPEN The Plum Card offers flexible repayment options for customers. Cardholders have the option of making the repayment in full every month or carry balance for up to 60 days. The card provides a 1.5% discount on your total bill if you pay early within 10 days. There is no cap on the 1.5% Early Pay Discount. No additional interest charges will be charged if you choose to carry a balance onRead More →

Many travel credit cards offer signup bonus that can be exchanged for free air tickets or free nights at the sponsored hotels. In addition to the signup bonus, you will also earn rewards points for every dollar spend on selected categories. The following are the top 3 travel credit cards that offer the best signup bonus in April 2017. 1. Ink Business Preferred Ink Business Preferred offers a signup bonus of 80,000 bonus points when you spend at least $5,000 within a period of 3 months starting from the time you open the account. The 80,000 bonus points can be used to exchanged for freeRead More →

The Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) is responsible for regulating personal loans in the Europe. CCD started operating in May 2008 under the authority of the European Council. The purpose of its establishment is to protect European consumers from fraud in all kinds of unsecured credit products. It provides educational materials to help consumers to understand about each of the different types of unsecured loan products. Examples of unsecured loans are personal loans and credit card where there is no requirement to put in a security deposit. Many consumer loan providers have make the necessary preparations in order to adhere to the regulations of the ConsumerRead More →

A vacation at Disney World can get expensive especially when you are bringing your whole family. You not only have to take into account the cost of the entrance ticket but also on other expenses such as accommodation, food, and transportation. To offset the expenses of vacationing at Disney World, you can use travel rewards credit cards. The following are the top 5 travel credit cards that can be used for traveling to Disney World. 1. Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card will rewards you with 50,000 points when you have spent a minimum of $2,000 in 3 months.Read More →

It makes sense to apply a balance transfer card even if you owe lesser than $1,000 in credit card debt. Some people find it difficult to pay off their debt because their income is not enough to cover up the credit card bill. If you have a good credit score, you should consider applying a balance transfer card as you can easily qualify for a card that offers a long introduction period. The zero percent intro period can last for as short as 3 months and as long as 21 months. It is important that you know how long the intro period will last asRead More →

Zero percent credit cards are credit cards that come with an introductory offer where you don’t have to pay interest fee on the balance that is accrue for a certain period of time. Because of the zero percent promotion offer, many people have used their cards to fund big purchases while paying it off by installment without the interest fee charges. The following are the top 4 zero percent credit cards that can be used to fund big purchases this year. 1. Chase Slate Chase Slate is offering a zero percent intro period for purchases and balance transfer for 1 year and 3 months. YouRead More →

Many young people graduated college with a large pile of debt. But student debt is not the main reason why a lot of young people are in debt. According to recent the statistics, young adults in between 18 – 24 years old spend more than what they are earning in their wages. It is estimated that young adults born in between 1980 – 1984 have an average credit card debt of over $5,000. They rely on credit cards to pay for their living expenses while waiting for their next pay check. It is always best to save money money so that you can use yourRead More →

Late payment can affect your credit report by making your credit score drops by a few points. You don’t have to be too alarmed if you miss the due date. Just one late payment will not do much harm to your credit score. If you quickly take action, you will be able to save your credit score from slipping further to a poorer rating. If you are already behind your credit card, you can set up a payment reminder to make payment promptly on the next due date. Many credit card companies allow you to set up payment reminders through SMS text messaging and email.Read More →