Can You Get A Zero Percent Credit Card Until 2019

Zero percent credit cards are very popular with millions of consumers each year. These credit card with a zero percent intro period during which you are not subjected to paying any APR interest fee on the balance. There are many zero percent credit cards that offer zero percent intro period long enough to last until 2019. The following are the top 4 zero percent credit card with zero percent intro period that can last up to 2019.

1. City Simplicity Card
City Simplicity Card offers along zero percent promotion for up to 21 months on purchases and balance transfers. After the promotion period ends, you will be charged a purchase APR of the card in between 14.99% – 24.99%. The balance transfer fee is 3% if the transferred amount and the minimum charges are $5. Personalized concierge service is available for 24/7.

2. Discover it
Discover it offers 18 months of zero percent promotion for balance transfer. For purchases, the zero percent promotion only lasts for 6 months. The card offers 5% cash back incentives for shopping expenses in rotating categories every quarter up to $1,500. The rotating categories include categories of everyday purchases such as dining and gas. Discover it does not charge any annual fee Just like Discover it Cashback Match, you can double your cash back at the end of the year provided that you clear your monthly payment promptly.

3. Citi Diamond Preferred Card
Citi Diamond Preferred Card has a zero percent promotion that lasts for 21 months on both balance transfer and purchases. The card provides bonuses such as Citi Private Pass, concierge, and City Easy Deal. With City Easy Deal, you can get discounts on travel tickets and merchandise online. Citi Diamond Preferred is more suitable for use in making large travel ticket purchases because it charges a 3% balance transfer fee. The card will have a high APR after the intro period ends. So, if you plan on using the card for the balance transfer, make sure you are able to pay off the debt before the intro period ends. Citi Diamond Preferred has no annual fee and it also has no rewards program in place.

4. Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card
Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card provides up to 18 months of zero percent intro period that apply towards all your purchases as well as the balance transfer. At the end of the intro period, you will get charged with an APR interest in between 16.15% – 25.99%. If you use the card to pay your mobile phone bill, you will get a fee $600 coverage for your mobile phone but you have to pay a $25 deductible to activate it. The mobile phone coverage offers protection in case it gets damaged or stolen.