More Opportunities Arrive For Borrowers With Poor Credit

If you have previously filed for bankruptcy or have a substantial bad credit rating, filing for a loan or mortgage, applying for a regular credit card or even a mobile phone hookup can be very frustrating. Your credit score hugely affects your every lending transaction. The lower the credit score,…

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When Your Bank Says No Its Time To Explore Options

Lenders Are Reluctant To Lower Credit Card Rates The sub-prime crisis and the resulting high rate of foreclosures are the primary reason why lenders are reluctant to lower credit card rates. Those were the sunshine days for both credit card companies and consumers alike when access to plastic was quick…

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The Pros and Cons of Loyalty Reward Cards

All kinds of firms are so competitive these days because consumers now have a lot of options. With the presence of the Internet, the options are even more varied because consumers can now choose to go online and shop there instead. With so many options all clamoring for the attention…

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Looking back at the 2009 credit card act

Although the Credit CARD Act was approved in 2009, it’s only in recent times that its effects on users have become much clearer. Fair Isaac and Co. does not, for instance, make any changes with their risk-modeling program for evaluating credit scores without at least 2 years’ worth of data…

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Avoid These Mistakes When Using Rewards Credit Cards

Although credit cards can help you save money and especially the reward cards, on the other hand, there are things you need to check to avoid getting penalized and suffering unnecessary costs. First, some credit cards have cash back that drop off with time. This means that if you have…

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Credit Cards Make Up Key Portion Of Banks Profitability

Global economies have not ceased to slow down, that is why retention of existing customers is a priority of businesses. One such business is that of credit cards, a constant in any portfolio of the banking and financial institution sectors. Customer satisfaction in the credit card business translates into profitability….

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Popular Cards For Consumers With Poor Credit Scores

Consumers With Bad Credit Prefer Capital One Cards For Easier Approval Not everyone has a perfect credit score. Unfortunately a low score can create problems for many years. It takes years to repair credit problems. Repairing a low score can be done, but it takes diligence and effort in order…

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