The Pros and Cons of Loyalty Reward Cards

All kinds of firms are so competitive these days because consumers now have a lot of options. With the presence of the Internet, the options are even more varied because consumers can now choose to go online and shop there instead. With so many options all clamoring for the attention of consumers and a share of their pocket, a lot of firms have come up with ways to distinguish themselves and reward their consumers for their loyalty. A very common way to do this is through the rewards or loyalty card. Loyal consumers are given a card whereby they accumulate points every time they purchase from a particular store, and you can convert or redeem these points if you accumulate enough.

The Advantages of Rewards Cards

The advantage of rewards cards is that you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to gain points. You simply have to purchase the normal things that you purchase, and by doing so you can easily accumulate redeemable points. Of course the presence of the points and the rewards system will encourage you to purchase from a certain merchant only, but at least you get points simply by purchasing the things that you really need anyway. Merchants know their customer well, and this is why the rewards system is usually set up in a way that the customer really feels like he or she is being rewarded for being a loyal customer. From the customer point of view, it’s like an added bonus to something that you usually do anyway.

Save While Being Rewarded

Using loyalty cards and really taking advantage of them will result to a lot of savings. This is because these loyalty cards are usually on a membership basis, and merchants often give special deals and discounts to their members. You can’t take advantage of these deals if you don’t have this card, so this is why its’ a very important card to have. Another thing is that the rewards you can redeem usually include free items that you can use, and you can have access to these items simply by accumulating points. Depending on the merchant, these freebies can range from all kinds of goods that the customers might want, but the bottom line is that you still get these goods for free.

Customize the Benefits

With loyalty cards, merchants usually give their customers a whole range of benefits to choose from. You don’t have to be constrained to a particular kind of reward because depending on your tastes and preferences, you can redeem your points in such a way that will really be fulfilling for you. For instance, if you’re a frequent flyer and you earn so many points, your reward could be in the form of a free flight to anywhere you want or a stay in the hotel or resort of your choice. When you have a loyalty card from a certain department store, you can redeem your points and choose any product of your liking. It’s important to remember that you are the customer, and even if these rewards are free, you can still choose the rewards that will result to the most savings for you.