Which Business Credit Card Offers the Most Flexibility for Repayment Options

Learn more about business credit cards and small business financing offers. We help to identify the ideal credit card to carry in your wallet if you are a small business owner.

American Express OPEN The Plum Card offers flexible repayment options for customers. Cardholders have the option of making the repayment in full every month or carry balance for up to 60 days. The card provides a 1.5% discount on your total bill if you pay early within 10 days. There is no cap on the 1.5% Early Pay Discount. No additional interest charges will be charged if you choose to carry a balance on the card for 60 days.

Cardholders get to choose the billing cycle. The billing cycle can be at the start, middle or end of the month. You can apply for employee credit cards at no charge. Adding employee cards to your account allows your team to easily make necessary purchases for the company. Employee spending also qualify for 1.5% Early Pay Discount if the employee cards have been added onto your account.

The Plum Card waives the annual fee on the first year and charge $250 annual fee starting from the second fee. The zero foreign transaction fees allows you to use The Plum Card to buy goods to restock your inventory without additional fee charges. The Plum Charge Card cannot be used to withdraw cash advance. It does charge a late payment fee of 1.5% for the first late payment. The subsequent late payments will be charged with a late payment fee of 2.99%. The card also charge a returned payment fee of $38.

The Plum Card does not have any credit limit so you can make large purchases according to your business needs without any problem. No pre-set limit does not mean it can used for spending unlimited amount of money. It is actually decided based on a number of factors including payment history, credit score.

The Plum Card offers car rental loss and damage insurance for your rental car when use the card to pay for the entire car rental cost at the counter. The insurance only provides coverage for selected vehicle models when it is being operated within the United States. The Plum Card provides premium roadside assistance where you are entitled for a free tow of up to 10 miles if your car’s engine fails to work and you are stuck in the middle of the highway. You just need to make a phone call and the tow truck will come to fetch your car.

The Plum Card offers a carry-on baggage insurance coverage of up to $1,250 and a checked baggage insurance for up to $500. The Global Assist Hotline allows you to get 24/7 emergency helpby simply dialing the emergency hotline number. The travel accident insurance can cover damage cost of up to $100,000 when you are traveling in an overseas country.

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