Why Should Borrowers With Great Credit Consider The Discover More Cash Back Card

Discover has replaced the old Discover More card with the new Discover it card that offers even more rewards for customers. Discover More card’s 0% introductory period lasts for 14 months and it offers 5% cash back rewards on rotating bonus categories that change every quarter. Purchases that do not qualify for the bonus categories will earn 0.25% cash back and then increase to 1% cash back after you have spent $3,000.

There are two versions of the Discover it card including Discover it – Cashback Match and Discover it – 18 Month Balance Transfer Offer. Discover it – Cashback Match offers 12 months zero percent introductory period for your shopping and transfers of balances from other cards. Discover it – Cashback Match card can double your cash back rewards at the end of the year so you are actually earning 10% in cash back reward. The amount that you earn in cash back will depend on the amount that you have spent on the card.

If you are planning to use your credit card for a large purchase, the Discover it – Cashback card will be suitable for you since you can get some cash back when you make the purchase. The card does not have any foreign transaction fee so it is better than the Discover More card that charges a 2% foreign transaction fee. You won’t get charged with a late payment fee for the first late payment. However, if you are late in making the repayment for the second time, you will get charged with a $35 fee. It has a feature called Freeze It that you can use to deactivate your card to prevent your card from being charged for new purchases. This feature is helpful if you notice a suspicious transaction on your credit card statement.

Discover it – 18 Month Balance Transfer Offers provides 18 months zero percent introductory period for the balance transfers. This card only offer 6 months zero percent introductory period for purchases. It is a great balance transfer card for people who are looking for ways to make their high interest credit card debts more affordable for them to pay off.

The rewards programs for both cards are the same and you will get 5% cash back rewards on bonus categories for up to $1,5000 in each quarter every year. The bonus categories tend to change every quarter. For example in the third quarter from 1st July – 30th September, the bonus categories is home improvement and Amazon so applying for this card can help you to save a lot of money if you want to buy home improvement products or shop at Amazon.

Customers can get a cash back of between 5% – 20% through Discover Deals that has more than 200 online retailers in the approved list. You will have to login into the D portal and select the online retailers where you want to shop at to take advantage of the discount deal.