Review Credit Card Offers For 2021, Insurance Programs and Consumer Finance Offers

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Credit Card Promotions From American Express, Bank Of America, Chase, Citigroup and Discover Cards

The best credit cards for 2021, we help identify the top new card promotions from all of the major banks. Credit cards are used by most consumers on a daily basis and finding the right card is about matching up the card program with your personal and financial goals. We will review in depth credit cards offering zero percent interest, balance transfer credit cards with a zero fee and 0% promotion from 12-21 months in length. If you are a frequent traveler, then you may benefit from a credit card that is loaded with points and rewards that will help cover your airfare, hotel and traveling expenses. Many major credit card companies (American Express, Chase, Citigroup) have made substantial increases to their limited time and promotional card offers for 2020 to include sign up bonus opportunities for additional cash back or rewards points. These promotional card offers are a great way to get access to free perks and more cash back if you can use the cards wisely during your everyday shopping. From time to time banks will offer super deals, where you can get amazing cash back or points if you use your credit card for major purchases during the first 60-90 days following the opening of your new credit card account. The writing team from InnovativeFinance.org is constantly searching the market for the latest and most up to date offers in an effort to help consumers find the best promotions.

Top Balance Transfer Credit Card – Chase Slate

Best Cash Back Credit Card 2021 – Discover More Cash

Top Zero Percent Credit Card – Citi Diamond Preferred

Best Rewards Credit Cards 2021 – Capital One Venture

Best Travel Points Credit Card – American Express Starpoints

Our editorial team is constantly searching for great deals and promotions on credit cards. Most consumers will have several options for potential credit cards available to them, providing their credit scores are over 720. Many top credit card companies are offering limited time sign up bonus offers that provide incentives for extra cashback, rewards or points if you reach a certain amount of spending during the introductory period of time.

Tips for Finding Cheap Auto and Homeowners Insurance in Every State

Are you searching for a good deal on your car insurance for 2020? Struggling with expensive auto insurance premiums can be a major strain on your monthly finances. Our team of financial experts is routinely searching the market to try and find the best deals for consumers who are looking for low rate auto insurance coverage for their cars, trucks, motorcycles and RV’s. Many consumers make the mistake of simply renewing their auto insurance policy every six months to one year without going out and shopping their premium to get a quote from other insurance carriers to see if there is an opportunity for saving money. We review the latest trends, identify the questions to ask your insurance broker or company to help make sure you are finding the best deals and getting the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Consumer and Short Term Loans, How To Find the Best Rates and Programs Online

Struggling with your monthly cash flow? Many consumers are living paycheck to paycheck and struggle with their personal finances. If you are searching for a personal loan to help consolidate some bills or to use for a home improvement project, we can help identify the pros and cons to various types of short-term loans (signature loans, home equity loans, loans for bad credit, personal loans, signature loans and installment loans).  We have lenders in most states, from Alabama to Washington, California to Maine, Hawaii to Indiana to assist with online financing. Most online loan programs will range from one month to five years in length, a key factor in finding the best loan program is to identify a plan for repayment and make sure that the monthly required payment fits within your personal budget. Consumers in 2020 have the benefit of applying for short-term loans from banks, credit unions, online lenders and peer to peer lending markets. We will review these programs in more detail to help identify which options fit most consumer’s financial situation the best.

Struggling with too much debt?

Are your burdened by debt? With the average household carrying upwards of $10,000 in debt and millions of students struggling with student loan debt, finding real help can be a challenge. We recently launched a practical guide to understanding your debts and options for consolidation.

2020 Market Update for February

We are monitoring a number of items in the general business community and market that could impact personal finances and lending in 2020. The overall market appears to be relatively stable with the jobs market holding steady and the equity markets coming of a strong 2019. The impact of the coronavirus on the global markets is yet to be determined. Politics will certainly be an influence on both the equity and bond markets for 2020.

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